Oregon healthy harvest founder & ceo, Kuldip Vaid, sharing his message

Oregon healthy harvest founder & ceo, Kuldip Vaid, sharing his message

OHH was born from a desire to be and feel healthier. Kuldip Vaid [pronounced "Cool dip  Bvade"], an Indian restaurateur, specialty foods artist, and local businessman, didn't feel right. Something in his body and "system" was off. He had a hunch it was related to his diet. But he also didn't see any healthy AND convenient options in his fridge. So he created some!

Like a mad scientist, Kuldip spent countless hours in his kitchen, testing and retesting different recipes for the original "Super Bites", "Turmeric Superpastes", and "Mango Habanero Sauce" products. He also joined Oregon State University's Food Innovation Center and "Food Application Lab", which helped tremendously. After many months, and many taste testings with friends, family, and local Farmer's Market attendees, he finally had the Oregon Healthy Harvest winners you see on shelves today.

Kuldip is dedicated to offering consumers the tastiest healthy food products at affordable prices. Oregon Healthy Harvest supports local farmers and growers through collective fair trade purchases. Also, a portion of the net profit goes to local children in need.

Eating Healthy, Relax, and Support the Children

These taste incredible! Simple, too. It’s the way food should be.
— Jason M.
Our 11-month year old daughter can’t get enough of your Super Bites. We’re so grateful to have such a super-convenient, healthy, organic food on-the-ready here in our fridge!
— The Millers

We are in the infant stages of product development and every piece of feedback we can collect is so helpful! Share your testimony here.


Kuldip, After talking about your super bites today, I had to go and purchase more! Here is a picture of my oldest, eating the entire container.
— Christine Schlicker
Hi Kuldip, I depend on super bites when I don’t want to compromise the healthiness of my quick lunch. Tasty too! Thanks
— Cari
I remember the first time I went over to Kuldip’s to ask him for some of the Super Bites. It was Christmas morning, 2014 and my brother and I were dying for some food. Kuldip had brought some over to our house before, but this time was the first we had actually approached him. We walked up and knocked, and a clearly confused Kuldip emerged. We asked him if he had any Super Bites, and offered to pay him. He was overjoyed, telling us that this was the first money he had been paid for them. To this day, Kuldip reminds me every time I see him that he still saves that bill.
— Alexander Eaton